L Bracket

For additional support on very large artworks.

The L Bracket is the recommended support for wide or very heavy paintings. Two or more of these brackets are used to form a ledge beneath the artwork, which supports the bottom section of particularly heavy or wide paintings, thereby removing the strain from the corner joints. This is especially relevant for heavily glazed works.

When the weight of the artwork is supported by the 'L' bracket it is then secured against the wall with Ryman Hangers or mirror plates.


The L Bracket is formed from 3/32" thick stainless steel with a neoprene pad on the ledge to provide grip for the artwork.

L Bracket Set

Please contact Eloise Wierzbicki for the best price.


The L Bracket takes the weight of the artwork, but you will need separate fixings to hold the picture tight to the wall. The Ryman Hanger is excellent for this.


The size and nature of the artwork will determine the quantity and positioning of the brackets. In the majority of circumstances it’s appropriate to use two brackets per picture placed a little way in from each corner.

The L bracket will not rust and can therefore be painted to match the colour of the wall.


  1. Hang the artwork on the wall using either the Large Ryman Hanger or the Extended Ryman Hanger and whilst supporting the weight of the picture, have someone mark the line at the base of the artwork a little way in from either end.
  2. Install two or more L Brackets with the top surface of the neoprene approximately 1/8" above the base line marked on the wall. This enables the Rymans to hold the artwork tight to the wall whilst the L Brackets carry the load. For maximum strength ensure the artwork is placed as tight to the back of the L bracket as possible.