Link Hanger

For mounting bigger works with old, large or rebated frames.

The Link Hanger is a very popular solution for hanging larger works of art and has been designed to accommodate both rebated and flat backed frames. The ‘link’ provides an immensely strong support between wall and frame and automatically bridges the gap that is so often found on older, heavy artworks with large frames.

The Link Hanger has a ‘bronzed’ finish that blends quietly with the shadows behind the artwork, and incorporates measures to improve security, allow for adjustment during installation or connect with storage options when not on display.

This fixing also carries the official stamp of approval by the UK Government’s Museum & Galleries commission.


The Link Hanger is formed from steel with an electroplated ‘bronze’ finish.

Link Hanger Set

Please contact Eloise Wierzbicki for the best price.


The only accessories that you may need to work with the Link Hanger are Storage hooks for when the works are not on display.


All that you require to install the Link Hanger is screws to suit your particular artwork. We recommend using a #8 diameter panhead as these provide a clean smooth finish, but if these are not available then a countersunk screw will work.

When installing rebated frames we suggest placing the Link Hanger well in from the edge so that it is ‘lost’ in the shadow behind the artwork.


A Link Hanger set includes 4 plates and two links and will hang one artwork.

  1. Screw one of the Link plates (the bit with the bulge in the middle) in a vertical position on the rear of the artwork about a quarter of the way down the side frame from the top. The plates should be well in from the edge with the screw in the centre of each slot. This will allow for adjustment later if needed. Repeat this process for the other side and measure the distance from centre to centre of the two Link plates.
  2. Fix the two remaining Link plates to the wall surface in a vertical position at the same distance apart as those on the artwork. It’s worth noting that the plates on the wall will need to be higher than the plates on the artwork. The difference between the two will depend on the depth of the rebate. Check this before measuring for height.
  3. Get someone to hold the artwork in place with the plates on the picture level with those on the wall. Whilst in this postion connect the two plates with one of the links (the flat bits with a ‘T’ at either end) holding them on their edge while inserting and then rotating through ninety degrees when in place. Repeat this for the other plates and then slowly lower the artwork until the fixings take the weight. Assess whether the artwork is hanging level and if necessary remove and loosen the screws fixing the Link plates to the artwork and adjust up or down to achieve the desired position before retightening and re-hanging.